Letter: Sick and tired of panhandling, mess

Homeless have a choice to utilize Gateway of Hope, not litter Langley parks and panhandle

Editor: (Regarding the Times’ Jan. 20 story about the Township’s cleanup of a homeless camp)

Do I feel sorry for Mr. Halverson? No.

What I feel sorry for are the kids who can no longer use the trails and parks safely by themselves and the seniors who are also afraid to walk the trails, while the homeless take over.

I feel sorry for paying higher taxes so that Township/City employees can clean up the park space.

I feel sorry that our once pristine park space is being littered by garbage, stolen shopping carts, discarded needles, sewage, etc.

All those bikes, wagons, and buggies being used as crime carts are being missed by their owners.

Mr. Halverson, why is it you have a second bike? I don’t have a second bike.

I am sick and tired of seeing your friends panhandle for money at intersections — I am fearful they may get hit by a vehicle.

I am tired of explaining to my kids what it is you are doing hanging out in parking lots, local fast food outlets and on street corners, or riding your bike around the neighbourhood with your headlamp on at night.

I’m tired of having to say no when your friends ask me for money, and even more tired of holding my purse tight, as I walk by you, or ensuring our car doors are locked.

And to answer your question regarding land? You do have land — it’s called Gateway of Hope. You also have a choice.

We too have a choice, and we have chosen to abide by the rules, and live within walls.

A part of me is sympathetic, but I’m tired of all the hard-working people, families, seniors, and children who are constantly victimized and who end up paying for it.

The next time an outreach worker comes calling, maybe you and your friends should take them up on their offer.

S. Stevens,


Langley Times