Letter: Shopping centre patron mystified by guitar player’s banishment

Editor: As a regular shopper at the shopping centre at 20151 Fraser Hwy., I have come to know a wonderful young man named Bruce who often plays his guitar out in front of the space between entrances of the supermarket and the liquor store.

Being a longtime resident and contributor to both the City and the Township, it has always pleased me to see great musicians getting their start on the city streets, and Bruce is no exception.

Bruce plays acceptable music to the public and plays it very well.

He opens his guitar case for donations if people should be so kind and has never solicited money from myself, my husband or the public in general that I am aware of.

He has, in my opinion, become one of the many gifts that gives Langley its great reputation for arts and culture.

It was brought to my attention by one of the local business owners that Bruce was asked to pack up and leave the property.

Although I can understand the need to keep the area clear of panhandlers, I cannot understand the rationale behind this particular decision.

This man is clearly entertaining to the public and not blocking any entrance ways to the businesses at this address.

He is pleasant and humble and not soliciting anything from the customers who shop there.

I would see it a sad disservice to the customers, the businesses at this address and Bruce if this is enforced and therefore am asking that this decision be given further consideration by the committee or person(s) who own this property.

Katherine Gordon,


Langley Times