LETTER: Shooting raises many questions

Where are the parents of these young men?

My four-year-old granddaughter and her mother had just left the theatre at The Junction on Wednesday, only 15 minutes before the 19-year-old gangster was shot to death right in front of the theatre where my granddaughter and her mother had just been.

We are all horrified to the bone.

Where are the parents of these young men?

Don’t they have any control or influence over them?

Do they not ask their sons how they can afford super expensive cars, for instance, with no apparent source of income?

Every time I see these parents and relatives on TV after the shooting event of one of their loved ones, all they can say, while wringing their hands, is what nice young men they were.

No, they were not nice people.

Their violent lifestyles puts everyone at risk. Surrey, where my son works, has become a shooting gallery, soon to be followed by Abbotsford and now Mission.

The police are continually asked to do more by people living in Surrey, but do not get the cooperation and information they need in order to give the investigations any teeth.

Canada is one of the few peaceful places to live in the world but guns and gangs are threatening all of us.

Something has to give and it has got to be soon.

Gail Davis


Mission City Record