Letter: ‘Shaking my head in disbelief’ over deal with Bank of China

Editor: Never in all my days have I opened the newspaper, read the first paragraph of a story and spent the rest of the week shaking my head in disbelief.

In your recent story “Langley City deal with Bank of China a first” (the Times, April 6) Mayor Ted Shaffer says, “Langley City has become the first Canadian municipality to invest with the Bank of China, a move mayor Ted Schaffer says will help the City attract new business.”

This is how Mayor Shaffer spends his time when he isn’t having coffee?

The people in his community can’t bank in his community because all of the banks and credit unions have moved out of the City.

He has senior citizens that have to wait hours for HandyDart or call a taxi to leave his City to deposit a pension cheque and he is gloating about giving our municipal money to the Bank of China.

Give your head a shake Mr. Mayor.  Do you think the Bank of China is going to help your constituents with any of their needs?

Look around, Mr. Mayor. Your commercial vacancy rate is high, you have an endless number of second-hand stores, vape shops, cheque cashing and pharmacies that add  nothing to the quality of your community, and you spend your time figuring out how to give our tax money to China (oh, but this is their Canadian subsidiary).

The article goes on to quote the Bank of China, “We wish the City of Langley prosperity and every success.”

That sounds more like, “Good luck, see you around,” not a company that is invested in any way in the City.

You should get on your knees and beg a Canadian bank or Credit Union to take our money. And while you are there, beg them to open a business in the City.

They could move into the handful of vacant ones in every corner. For that, your residents might thank you — not for looking like the cat that ate the canary on the front page of the local paper, bragging about destroying every chance of attracting a Canadian financial institution.

M. Mantro,

Langley Township

Langley Times