Scout Island Nature Centre in Williams Lake. (Angie Mindus file photo)

LETTER: Scout Island is a nature sanctuary not an amusement park

Scout Island absolutely does not need an ice cream stand or a food truck


We are writing in response to the letter in the May 6 edition of the Williams Lake Tribune, Improvements Needed at Scout Island.

As regular walkers at Scout Island, we were surprised to read the complaints expressed by the writer.

The causeway is bordered by tall grass because tall grass provides habit and protection for insects, including pollinators, small animals including toads, and birds.

The tall grass is part of the protective ecosystem that is Scout Island, and while mowing it might make the causeway look like a groomed city street, it would be a loss of habitat.

Scout Island absolutely does not need an ice cream stand or a food truck!

Scout Island is a nature area and sanctuary, not an amusement park.

Any commercial development would be a giant step away from the whole focus of the area as a protected environment for plants, insects, birds and animals.

We are very lucky that we can share this small piece of the wild with those creatures, and we feel it should be kept natural and undeveloped.

Please don’t change Scout Island!

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Mr. Kim Aeby

Ms. Frances Wilmeth

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