Letter: Save the little forested area in Murrayville

Letter: Save the little forested area in Murrayville

A Langley letter writer is concerned development will mean the loss of greenspace.

Dear Editor,

Save the Tiny Murrayville Forest. This is the only shady place to walk on a sunny day nearby.

The Sandhill Development at the end of James Hill park has a win-win built into it. The property was homes originally purchased with the expectation/permission of building 11 new homes.

If the Township permits the density on Sandhill’s new proposal to double, but permit only half the land to be developed, everyone wins. The developer not only gets his planned number of new homes, but he gets to sell the forest to the Township to add to James Hill Park.

There several cost sharing programs like the Neighborhood Initiatives Program, providing funding for recreational/parks opportunities. There are community grants and other sources of capital to pay for the new park space.

This little evergreen forest is the last in Murrayville. It is a jewel to hang onto for a thousand years, a last refuge for wildlife in this neighborhood.

Go and see the tagged trees. There’s a hurry, I think. Let’s try to save the forest up to the moving stream they call a ditch.

Let’s address council. Write letters, whatever you can do. Or write me at bookless2009@gmail.com.

Susan Bookless, Langley

Langley Advance

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