LETTER: Salmon Fest security ‘heavy-handed’

It was 5 p.m. when I passed through the Salmon Festival gates...

To the Editor,

It was 5 p.m. when I passed through the Salmon Festival gates to meet nine of my friends to partake in our traditional Kiwanis salmon dinner. I was pursued by two huge security guards (I am just five feet tall) demanding to search my bag.For a moment I thought I was at the U.S. Customs being searched before a flight. But no, I was at our usually friendly Salmon Festival that I have attended and supported for the past 45 years.

While they searched my bag I told them I had water in my own metal water bottle. I was told I could not bring my water, or any other non-alcoholic beverages, onto Tyee Pier. After taking a long walk back to my parked car I returned and re-entered the festival only to have my bag searched again.

I do not wish to contribute to the pollution of our planet or add plastic particulates to our drinking water and fish. I was told that if I wanted water I had to buy it in plastic bottles inside the festival area. Surely the Salmon Festival committee must have heard about the need to reduce the use of recyclable plastics?

Myself, and my group of friends, felt assaulted and insulted by this action against our rights. The Salmon Festival committee members need to consider their actions and the instructions they gave to security personnel, who seemed to be blown up with the power they had been given to accost innocent citizens.

If they want attendance at future festivals they need to consider the rights of their past and future supporters.

Victoria Roscoe-Roumanis,

Port Alberni

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