LETTER: Response to Smart meter letters

A Grand Forks resident responds to a pair of letters regarding Smart meters.


Re: Letters in Dec. 21 and Jan. 4 issues of The Gazette

I would like to comment on Mr. David Field’s assertion that Smart meters would allow utility companies to “gauge more precisely how much electricity actually needs to be placed on the grid at any given moment in time.”

Field probably wants us to believe this outright!  How is it that meters installed on thousands of homes would be able to let the utility companies feed exact amounts of power to the grid in real time?  Is this even physically possible?

However, it would be possible for utility companies to use Smart meter information to charge users different (see higher) rates at peak times of usage. Field inferring that these meters are green is ridiculous.

People will use the same amount of electricity anyway, when they need it.

On the green issue, I wonder how much power is used by Smart meters?

The only benefit is for the power companies, not the user. How does he believe that Smart meters will help to avoid “capital cost of new generating, transmission and distribution infrastructure?”

The pro push is on because a majority of communities voted for a moratorium until more is known about the long-term health effects. Why is this not being heard by our government or the utility corporations?

This is concerning on many levels and people need to inform themselves, some sources of information that could help: citizensforsafetechnology.com, emrabc.ca and SmartMetersTruthMovie.com. Make a decision for yourself and be wary of corporations using green as an impetus for Smart meters.

Remember our water-based electrical grid.

How would Smart meters green an already technically green system?

An appropriate response to the writer of the Jan. 4 Smart meter letter: how on earth can B.C. Hydro stop power thieves with Smart meters?

The thieves would cut in before the meters, wouldn’t they?  This would make the deterrent theory void.

An open dialogue with honest respect for citizens’ questions rather than fear mongering about grow ops and criminals might work.  Why are our concerns not relevant?

Ben Sorlensen, Grand Forks

Grand Forks Gazette