Letter: Republica’s generosity is greatly appreciated

Editor: Re: Republica rules (the Times, Feb. 26)

It was great to hear about the success that the Republica Coffee Roasters have had over the years and to acknowledge their diligence, hard work and risk-taking that led them to succeed.

There is another acknowledgement that wasn’t mentioned in the article.  This small company plays a large role in the success of our outreach group, 5 & 2 ministries, by donating coffee every week.

The 5 & 2 is a group of people who serve coffee and build relationships every Sunday evening in downtown Langley with many homeless people or others who are living on the margins of society.

We serve over 60 cups of coffee per night along with snacks of cookies, fruit, or pastries.

Republica Coffee Roasters is the only company that we have approached that has regularly donated coffee every week. They have done so for approximately three years.

The snacks are donated by individuals and time is volunteered.

Our main goal is to meet, get to know and build relationships with our neighbours downtown – and quality Republica coffee plays a big role in helping achieve this goal.

Both the volunteers and the community members are mutually benefitted by these connections; the volunteers get to meet and know a whole different part of society which is rich and eye opening, and the community members get to feel heard and listened to by members of a society that often ignores them.

Learning people’s names, a little about their lives and their joys and concerns, gives us a whole new perspective when we see them walking down the street with their shopping cart full or trying to stay dry on a rainy night.

It helps to bring a humanness and awareness of the struggles to those who are often considered ‘outcasts’ in our society.

So thank you to Republica Coffee Roasters for this generous contribution to our group.

Cathy Wall,

Fort Langley

Langley Times