Letter: Remember those who cut deer dollars

Come next election time, don't forget who voted to cut deer management funds

Re: Deer management funds slashed from 2016 budget, Oak Bay News April 29

Zhelka, Croft, Kirby and Ney. Remember these names. They are the Oak Bay councillors who have cut deer management from the Oak Bay budget.

How did this happen? As I recall, at the last municipal election, the only candidate openly supportive of the deer lobby was the unlamented Cairine Green, who was overwhelmingly defeated at the ballot box when she ran for mayor.

Now Zhelka, Croft, Kirby and Ney have voted to ensure deer can graze at will in the gardens and yards of Oak Bay. Obviously this herd of four has made some deal with the Disney fantasists.

I want my garden back. Gardening brings me joy. But if I want to grow any flowers besides daffodils I will have to surround my garden with expensive gates and unsightly netting.

Zhelka, Croft, Kirby and Ney. Can you remember these names until our next election, in November 2018? Perhaps you could write their names on your garden wall. At least then you will have something to look at, if not to enjoy.

Brian Jones

Oak Ba


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