Letter: Reflective material a must when walking along dark winter roads

Editor: This is a letter to parents, children and all pedestrians from a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Parents, please make sure that your sons and daughters have at least a little reflective material on both the front and back of their clothing, or their shoes have some reflective material on toes and heels.

Anyone in charge of a younger person or someone who is not able to make good judgments on their own, please make sure you do the same for anyone in your charge.

Wearing mostly dark clothing at night without some reflection showing is a recipe for disaster.

Rainy weather only makes it worse; drivers cannot see you.

I have driven past people on the street or sidewalk and they are virtually invisible to me.

I have to watch for vehicle traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists, wildlife, pets and any flying objects at the same time.

Add into that the bad conditions of the roads that have no lines painted on them, or lines that have been worn off.

This is a direct fault of the provincial government, not making sure that we have safe roads to drive and walk on.

They should have a class action suit taken against them for accidents on the roads. It is appalling the condition of the sidewalks and the roads in this province.

I wonder that there is not more death and destruction.

If I were to run over or hit anyone or anything when I am driving I would be devastated and it would ruin my life forever.

However it may not be my fault, it may be yours.

Leona Jensen,


Langley Times