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LETTER – Recent liberal gun ban has nothing to do with public safety

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Re: Weapons ban puts Canadians’ health and well-being first letter of July 1 from Dr. Charles King.

With all due respect to Dr. King’s profession, being a doctor does not make him an expert in firearms, firearms law or criminology in general.

His entire letter parrots the lies trotted out by the left on a subject they know nothing about.

The recent Liberal gun ban has nothing to do with public safety. It is a cornerstone of modern left-wing ideology. Every aspect of Trudeau’s and Blair’s gun policy is a lie and relies on duping an uninformed public for its success.

First and foremost there are no “military-style assault weapons” in circulation. By military definition, an “assault rifle” is a full auto-banned in Canada since 1978.

All evidence shows that the ban is not needed and ineffectual for their intended purpose. The gun homicide figures in Canada have averaged 200 per year for the last 50 years. Any upticks are due to gang violence – mainly in Toronto – involving illegally smuggled handguns.

The main target of the ban, the AR15, is the civilian, commercial, semi-auto version of the full-auto military rifle, the M16. In its 60-year life, the AR15 has never been used in a homicide in Canada.

Why should you care? This emboldens left-wing ideologues to push the envelope. What’s next? Antique sports cars? How about ‘scary’ breeds of dogs?

On average, there are 200 gun homicides a year. Now contrast that with the fact that, according to, 83,300 cancer deaths are expected in Canada in 2020. Perhaps Dr. King should spend more time and his talents in pursuing actual problems and not those invented by people pushing a socialist agenda.

David Vernon,


Comox Valley Record

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