Letter: Reader suggests citizens need better advice on smart meters

Shuswap MLA's information inadequate if not in consultation with expert in elecromagnetic radiation

In the Aug. 29 article, “Power cut to second Shuswap residence without smart meter,” Shuswap MLA Greg Kyllo is basing his assertion that he has no concerns regarding the health impacts of smart meters on the opinion of a single general practitioner he reached out to once upon a time (around 2013).

Absolutely we should rely on health professionals for guidance and direction—but only in their field of expertise.

To my knowledge, GPs do not receive extensive training in the field of electromagnetic radiation/frequencies and so the wiser choice would be to ask someone who is actually working in that field.

Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Martin Pall and Dr. Samuel Milham are all experts that come to mind, and there are many more who are much more qualified than a GP. As Mr. Kyllo’s constituents, we would be foolish to trust him, or any other such ill-informed person, to be making health decisions on our behalf.

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Read more: Power cut to second Shuswap residence without smart meter

Peter Kastner

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