Letter: Reader lays out all the ways Trump has helped America

Letter: Reader lays out all the ways Trump has helped America

Countering columnist Bob Groeneveld's recent piece, a letter writer praises the U.S. president.

Dear Editor:

Dear Bob Groeneveld’s gift for using personal stories to illustrate his political views is always charming.

The problem is President Trump has been standing up to China, North Korea, Iran, Syria etc. reversing the weakness and appeasement of the former Barack Obama government who released 150 billion to Iran so they could increase their and North Korea’s nuclear capabilities also to support terrorism around the world.

He’s negotiating new trade deals to address imbalance of trade to the detriment of the U.S. The economy is thriving, unemployment is way down, especially for African Americans and Latinos it’s the lowest ever.

He’s shaking up NATO to pay their fair share which they drag their feet on. The Obama administration was negligent with the veteran’s affairs, Trump is correcting that.

In my opinion former President Obama should only have been a diplomat. He has a nice smile and is a good orator but hurt the country as president.

Besides the U.S. was saved from from Hillary and Bill Clinton.

President Trump wants to protect his country and citizens and have orderly immigration which is any leaders’ first obligation.

Cherryl Katnich, Maple Ridge

P.S. I always like to hear both sides of an issue

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