LETTER – Reader ‘appalled’ at content of editorial cartoon

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Re: July 30 Under the Glacier –

“Can you guess which child was at the Comox Petting Zoo last week ?”

I was absolutely appalled that the Comox Valley Record published the above-mentioned cartoon. Conditions such as ringworm, pink-eye, head lice, and even athlete’s foot are not laughing matters. They appear in schools, daycares, recreation and aquatic centres, etc., and operators spend hours and hours trying to remedy/control outbreaks. The employees at the Hands On Farm followed instructions on how to remedy the situation; however, unfortunately, ringworm reappeared.

Ridiculing the venue and negatively advertising the Hands On Farm is not considered appropriate media coverage! It is a wonderful venue for so many young (and old) visitors to Filberg Park. They deserve an apology.

Jane Adamson,


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