Comox Valley RCMP say that trucks adorned with Christmas lights violate the Motor Vehicle Act and could be distracting for drivers.

LETTER: RCMP simply keeping roads safe with Christmas light ban

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Many people are upset about the Comox Valley RCMP shutting down the Christmas lights on the truck. I have read Facebook comments referring to the RCMP as “grinches,” and seen derogatory name calling.

Ask yourselves: would this be okay in June? March? Why is it okay in December? If they got pulled over for the same thing in the summer, would you be as upset? I waited behind people at green lights who were too distracted by the truck to notice the light turn green. What if their car was moving and their was a child in front? Would you be mad at the lights then? Or still the RCMP?

Before you get mad at a traffic officer for doing their job, think about what else they have to do. Respond to fatal accidents, having to tell loved ones that their child won’t be home for Christmas. Accidents like these are often caused by a momentary lapse of attention, which can be caused by things like Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas, and thank you Comox Valley RCMP for keeping our roads safe.

Brent Hollingsworth


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