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LETTER: Questioning SD42’s plan for returning kids to class

Reader worries about spread of COVID as students in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows head back to school

Dear Editor,

I’ve just read the return to school plan, and I have to infer that there is some science [School District #42] can reference that explains their plan for elementary schools.

While I’m not happy with the fact that the school board thinks that masks and social distancing are not really necessary for these children, I must admit that I am not a health expert.

Please don’t pass the buck here and blame your decision on the plans drawn up by the provincial government. Prove you own this one by citing the sources that influenced your decision.

As I’ve made it clear that I don’t agree with your plan, here’s what I would have done.

Schools would have operated in two shifts.

This would have cut classroom occupancy in half.

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Social distancing would have been mandatory in each class.

Teachers would have taught the same material twice each day.

Most time would be spent on direct teaching, with the actual implementation of lessons assigned for completion at home.

Masks would have been mandatory for anyone entering the school. So too for temperature screenings.

Cleaning would have been a continuous process throughout the day, with complete cleans after each shift.

A complete school fogging would have been performed at the end of each day to ensure all surfaces were virus and bacteria free.

Just maybe the school could have been kept open throughout the pandemic.

I understand, the province wants elementary schools to be part school, part daycare.

My plan would have presented challenges for families.

But do you really think the impact will be any less when you have to close your infected schools? Or when your students show up devastated because they brought the virus home and are now short a parent or other beloved family member?

Again, if I am wrong in my thinking and you do have evidence that justifies your plan, I welcome it.

Let there be transparency because this impacts us all.

Daryl Classen, Maple Ridge



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