LETTER: Provincial politics getting ridiculous

John Horgan, leader for the NDP, has some nerve to call himself a politician

LETTER: Provincial politics getting ridiculous

To the Editor,

My faith in the human race has been broken, by a man who I believed was going to do a better job for B.C.

John Horgan, leader for the NDP, has some nerve to call himself a politician. He promised in his campaign speeches to reduce child care, he promised to freeze BC Hydro. Now child care has been increased by a number of dollars to some parents, hydro has also been raised by the BCUC, to all of British Columbia.

What kind of man with any kind of concern for British Columbians would have the nerve to make such promises? You can bet your life he will try to make excuses for his broken promises.

A man of this stature should with all good intent for the sake of the B.C. voters have a bit of integrity and step down since he could not commit to his promises. I have been an NDP supporter for more than 50 years and Mr. Horgan has made one of the worst premiers I have encountered in my lifetime. Almost every one of his promises to help the B.C. Canadians to a better life has been washed under the table, and he’s shown no remorse.

There is protesting going on about Trump, but let me tell you one thing, Horgan is no better than him; a man that said anything to get to the top, regardless of the circumstances to the voters.

I would ask him very politely to step down from being Premier of BC; we want people in there to work for us, voters not for themselves. He is reducing the rank of middle class to the rank of the poor class.

Dave Noble,

Port Alberni

Alberni Valley News