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LETTER: Proud of Canada’s fight for justice, equality

Murray McLeod of Harrison Hot Springs applauds Canadians for their sense of justice


I have noticed that there seems to be a trend to cancel Canada Day celebrations in the wake of the findings at the Kamloops residential school. I am saddened by the discovery of the bodies buried there, but I do not think it is necessary to stop being proud to be a Canadian.

The residential school system was based on the idea that this was going to be best for Indigenous children. That idea turned out to be mistaken. Not only was the concept erroneous but the way it was directed was even more flawed.

I think both Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens of Canada should be happy that this practice is behind us. We need to learn from the experience and continue to look for hidden ways in which various minority groups may be discriminated against.

What I notice in the news is that almost all Canadians are for improving the lot of marginalized groups. The way that Canadians of all backgrounds have rallied around this discovery actually makes me proud to be Canadian. The way the vast majority of Canadians are outraged by the anti-Asian attacks, by discrimination against Black people, by unfair treatment of Indigenous people makes me proud to be Canadian. The way Canadians are behind the idea to ensure equality for all ethnic backgrounds makes me proud to be Canadian.

Murray McLeod

Harrison Hot Springs

Agassiz-Harrison Observer