Letter: Proposed truck park location unsuitable for several reasons

Editor: Why should Township residents care about the Surrey truck stop decision making process?

Because it is flawed and biased.

It might seem that this development proposal is too far away to matter to Township residents. It isn’t.

This could have a negative effect on water safety for residents in the Brookswood area as well as in Surrey. A prolonged water issue would not only make day-to-day life difficult, it could also cause a drop in property values, threatening life savings for everyone in the affected area.

The push for this project is coming from Surrey Coun. Tom Gill and a company called GG Metro Holdings Ltd, neither of whom will have the interests of Township residents uppermost in their minds.

Coun. Gill started the most recent efforts to change this land’s use designation to light industrial by claiming that this truck stop facility would solve Surrey’s problem with illegal truck parking by its residents.

It won’t. Independent truckers, in Surrey or anywhere else, will not be able to afford to use such a facility.

Most of Surrey’s truckers live farther north, close to Highway 10 and a truck facility located on 16 Avenue and 194 Street would be extremely inconvenient.

Now it seems Coun. Gill’s justification for this facility has shifted to serving international truckers.

In a recent edition of an American nationally distributed business publication for professional truckers, Gill is quoted: “Unfortunately when you look at B.C., I don’t believe there is a formal USA-style truck park anywhere . . . and obviously the border, this is a key component of creating a truck parking strategy.”

This location is not ideal for international truck traffic either.

I expect my municipal representatives to serve with clarity, transparency and a commitment to the good of all.  So if Coun. Gill is concerned for independent truckers in Surrey, why would he propose a truck park in what is clearly the wrong location, would be too expensive and risks a major aquifer and salmon stream?

Why would he choose to fly in the face of advice, paid for by Surrey taxpayers, against “mega” truck parks?  Why would he downplay information, bought and paid for by Surrey taxpayers, from a reputable environmental consulting company?  Why would he consider risking the health of a major source of drinking water, and a river which is teeming with salmon?

It is not as if land more suitable for such a facility is in short supply elsewhere in Surrey.

Who is looking after your long-term well being?

At the moment I am not sure anyone is.  If you want to help stop the Surrey truck stop, contact Surrey Mayor Lynda Hepner and the Surrey City Council at: clerks@surrey.ca

For more information, visit www.fhcv.ca or www.casalangley.org.

Kevin Mitchell,

Community Around Sixteenth Avenue (CASA)

Langley Times