LETTER – Premier Horgan not acting as a representative of the people

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

When my law trumps your law: Although Premier John Horgan hasn’t actually use these words yet he might as well since this is how he acting; acting on behalf of Coastal Gas Link, not as a representative of the people of British Columbia.

In a recent proclamation, he states that the CGL project will be built.

Well, hold on a minute just a minute there cowboy. That Wet’suwet’ten land is not yours! You don’t have the right to go on that territory without permission.

But I guess you already know that, and that’s why you’re willing to use force… again. And don’t give me that line about you don’t work with the RCMP on these invasions.

You hold up the principle of the ‘rule of law’ as your justification for ignoring Indigenous law while the UN Committee To End Racial Discrimination and our own BC Human Rights Commissioner are both calling for a halt to this project pending consent.

And this is all on top of the BC government recently committing to bringing in UNDRIP!

So my advice for you, cowboy, is to climb down off your high horse and talk to the hereditary chiefs; don’t tell them to talk to CGL. While you’re at it invite your friend Justin to ride back into town and join you. These are Nation to Nation talks after all.

You need to stop using force and violence against our Indigenous neighbours, and instead, act in the spirit of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and let’s all get on with living together with respect.

Ron Kelly,


Comox Valley Record

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