Letter: Politicians compel first-time voter

Dear Editor,

Am I the only one who sees how Christy Clark has thrown us all under the bus?

Within moments of her announcement of the pipeline approval, and the “up to” $50 million a year, her cronies are supposed to give us back for environmental groups, and double the offshore spill response when the risk actually goes up times seven, we now have the highest gas prices in Canada?

The “up to” part is what really cracks me up. What about the “down to” like from zero she never mentioned? Up to means that too…

And then our local MLA Mary Polak writes a letter to the paper to inform us that the entire process was legal? What kind of rhetoric was that? A legislative assembly doing something not legal?

A pay-to-play entry fee on her office door? Nah, what kind of government would do that? They don’t even take kickbacks anymore. They just call it something else or refund them if we find out.

I guess people who live that high up in their ivory towers forgot how they got there in the first place.

About a year ago, after 56 years I finally did something I never did before. I voted. Not so much for as against, and I guess this time I will do the same thing.

Nothing personal but after the feds announced not up to but exactly $850 million more for Syria, while we take in more of their refugees per capita than any other overseas nation, while I try to eke by on a pittance of what they get.

It is time for another change. Too bad I can’t claim refugee status in my home country.

Why don’t they just admit that our entire economy is bankrupt without the tar sands and quit trying to cover up the truth? That free trade has destroyed all the middle class jobs and unrestrained vulture capitalism finished us all off. They aren’t pulling this wool over my eyes anymore and I just re-registered to vote. Any guesses who? Or who not?

Danny A. Halmo, Langley


Langley Advance