Letter: Poem speaks about homeless experience

Lost, not a loser

I can’t imagine

What my life would be

Without all the bulls–t

That follows me

It’s not easy by any means

To live like I do

But we’re real people

And not fake like you

You judge me

You shun me

As if I’m contagious

And slander or

Make fun of me

Is rudely outrageous

Why the hate…?

Cuz I’m homeless…?

Who the hell are you?

Step one foot in my shoes

And you wouldn’t have

A clue what to do

I’m sweet, I’m kind

But just a bit lost inside

No one cares to know that

Cuz you have too much pride



Drug addicts as well

You all are so full of bulls–t

You’re starting to smell

It’s almost as if

We’re another species or race

Make fun of us to others

But not to our face

We see your little snapshots

And gossip on the news

Dude, we are so above that level

We’re real…

You lose.

Kirsten Ratcliffe, Langley



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