Letter: Plastic bags are a habit we should all quit

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So, 81 year old David Suzuki is busting his gut so that people’s grandchildren will have an earth worth living on and Oak Bay says to wait. A condo resident says they need plastic bags for their garbage. How sad is that?

Plan B – why doesn’t Oak Bay buy enough reusable bags for all their employees that volunteer and ask them for feedback. That’s a cheap option – one small bag they can stuff in a coat pocket, a larger bag from Fairway and a liquor bag from the liquor store. Total cost? Certainly way less than $1,000 and the feedback is free. People will be surprised when they end up with a number of reusable shopping bags also over time. What if Fairway and/or Oak Bay dump sold compostable bags for condo residents to put their garbage in?

Life boils down to one word – habit. A lot of people have had to quit smoking in their lifetime, quitting plastic bags must be a lot easier. A quote supplied by David Suzuki says it all “We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit.”

Philip Renouf

Oak Bay

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