“These are a few pictures of the garbage laying around our special little Fort Langley.” Some of it was found only inches or a few feet from garbage cans. (Noreen Brush/Special to Langley Advance Times)

LETTER: Pandemic doubles food containers littering on Fort Langley street

A local walker has noticed a substantial increase in litter in her neighbourhood

Dear Editor,

As a property owner in Fort Langley and a daily walker I and my fellow walkers have noticed a disturbing trend around our beautiful village. So much litter!!!

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The restaurants in our village are trying desperately to stay afloat so are doing take out service. This is very popular with the locals and visitors. However, as a result litter has doubled in the past month and continues to grow throughout the village.

Perhaps business owners working with the township providing more waste containers and more frequent waste pickup will help mitigate this unsightly and unsafe problem.

Let’s all work together and clean up our village.

Noreen Brush, Fort Langley

PAST EFFORTS – VIDEO: Hunting for litter in Fort Langley


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