Letter: Our morals are being eroded

Kelowna letter-writer expresses outrage over Chilliwack Board of Education member

To the editor:

The intense persecution of Barry Neufeld (Chilliwack Board of Education) who spoke his mind and expressed his belief, is an outrage and a disgrace. Some groups are allowed to express whatever outrageous opinion is convenient for them—we call it freedom of speech. But a person who supports morality and calls for limits to the misinformation the Department of Education in B.C. imposes on our children, is maligned and ostracized without mercy.

Even the Minister of Education is calling for his resignation. We should all read the BC School Curriculum being imposed on our children. For example check gender identity. You will be shocked.

Please Barry, do not go away. We need you more than you know. Please speak loudly.

You represent the majority of us who understand a little of what is happening in our schools, society and nation. Our morals and family values are being eroded step by step and we must speak out.

When a government imposes moral values on its citizens, some liberty and freedom is invariably taken away from others. The vast but alas, silent majority of Canadians who have a Faith-based belief, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and others are not speaking loudly enough to be heard over the protests of anger and resentment by a small percentage of our population.

John Abelseth, Kelowna


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