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LETTER: Our embarrassing prime minister

Canadians deserve so much better from a prime minister and his government


Our illustrious prime minister continues to be a source of embarrassment to himself, his party and the country as a whole.

After strenuously urging all of us to “stay at home” over the Easter long weekend, he saw fit to go to the family “cottage” with his family and the usual entourage of security, nannies, cooks and other staff.

The message: “One set of rules for thee, another for me.” Leadership by example, Trudeau style.

Add it to the lengthy list of other embarrassments:

– his family vacations as the guest of the Aga Khan

– his India visit where he demonstrated his talents as a Banghra dancer

– his mishandling of the SNC Lavalin affair

– his multiple appearances in “black face”

– his “open border” policy of admitting illegal immigrants

– his bungling of the COVID-19 response at many levels

– his inept response to “soft ball” questions during his daily messages

– his ever increasing expenditure of billions during the pandemic after telling Canadian veterans that they were “asking more than we are prepared to give”

There are likely more I’ve overlooked, but he is never loathe to use a crisis to further a political agenda, that of civil disarmament, a long-standing goal of the Liberal Party.

Following the recent mass shooting in Nova Scotia, his public announcement of increased “gun control” laws before all the families of the victims had been informed of their losses, his vow get those “assault rifles” (aka “police carbines” in the hands of the RCMP) off the streets before it was known what firearms were used by the shooter and if he was a lawful, licensed owner, fly in the face of his oft-quoted “evidence-based decision making.”

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It was nothing more than a shameless exhibition of “grave dancing” to advance the Liberal anti-gun agenda, making scapegoats of the 2.2 million lawful, licensed firearms owners, the most closely vetted and scrutinized members of Canadian society. The RCMP does not keep track of those who have had firearms licences revoked, but the names of 2.2 lawful owners are checked daily.

Canadians deserve so much better from a prime minister and his government.

Todd Birch

Baker Creek

Quesnel Cariboo Observer

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