LETTER: O’Toole just a Canadian version of Trump

Reader not impressed by MP Marc Dalton's 'bromance' with the new Conservative leader

Dear Editor,

[RE: Dalton endorsed new Conservative leader, Aug. 24, The News]

I see that [MP Marc] Dalton has announced his bromance with Erin O’Toole.

Any reason for me to vote in the next federal election – whenever it happens – just ended with the picking of O’Toole to be the next party leader.

I have made no secret that I was so disillusioned about Justin Trudeau’s political correctness going too far to the left on a wide range of issues, that I could no more vote a second time for him then I could vote for Andrew Scheer.

My hope was that the Conservatives would vote for Peter MacKay and returned to the time when Red Tories had a place of prominence within that party.

I could see myself voting for someone who rejects social conservatism as I do.

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But alas, the same demographics of white evangelicals, who thrive on being anti-woman, anti-intellectual, anti-science, pro-fossil fuel, pro anything that is against the common good, has got their man.

His support for family values is code for reactionary ideas about what family means in the same way that Trump’s MAGA hats are code for 21st century white hoods.

O’Toole is tainted by having served in Harper’s cabinet.

He is tainted just for being supported by the Alberta premier, who himself would be at home running as a Trump Republican in Alabama.

He is tainted, in my opinion, for wanting to give Quebec even more autonomy to the point of what is the point of maintaining the pretext that we are a united country if he was ever in a position to push through his views.

Quebec, you are free to leave but without Rupert’s Land – which was gifted to you by the federal government and without any purse strings attached. But that is another issue which the election of Mr. O’Toole as prime minister would force us to address as a country.

So, when the next federal election happens, my local Conservative MP shouldn’t bother to come a knocking.

I have high praise for how Justin Trudeau has followed the science during this pandemic.

I don’t see much daylight between how Mr. O’Toole would deal with the pandemic with his corporate lawyer mentality then Trump has put the corporation’s welfare ahead of the welfare of the people.

Both men appeal to the lowest common denominators in our respective societies.

Most of those who voted for Mr. O’Toole won’t be satisfied until they turn us into Alabama-North which has already happened to Alberta.

Robert Rock, Mission



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