Letter: Oak Bay Watch member stands by its all-candidates

Letter: Oak Bay Watch member stands by its all-candidates

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Re: Community group shows bias, shouldn’t host all-candidates (Letters, Oak Bay News, June 15)

Oak Bay Watch would like to thank the writer for bringing the subject of bias to readers’ attention. We are pleased that he has no quarrel with the content or facts we provide about council meetings and our extensive research findings. His opinion seems to be that he just considers them biased. Our opinion “Time for a Change” is based on what we have observed in the last two council terms.

In our recent newsletter we do not understand what purpose would have been be served naming council members Jensen, Ney, Kirby, and Croft for rejecting the development of an overall, comprehensive housing plan as prescribed by the Official Community Plan. We chose instead to name the three council members who recognized such a plan is desperately needed to address the impacts of the extensive development initiatives supported by the other four.

OBW will continue expressing support for incumbent candidates who have demonstrated integrity, independent thinking and true commitment to the community over the last four years. We will also keep track of all incoming candidates who in our opinion have the knowledge and leadership required to take the municipality out of the financial and governance trouble in which the district now finds itself.

Oak Bay Watch will hold, and has been requested by other community groups to sponsor an all-candidates meeting. The writer of the letter may not be aware that it is common practice that candidates must agree on a moderator in order for an all-candidates meeting to be productive and informative. As a matter of fact, the more such meetings the community holds, the more likely residents will vote for a mayor and councillors likely to maintain transparency, avoid conflict of interest, be open-minded and provide clear policies.

Anthony Mears

for Oak Bay Watch

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