Letter: Non-resident real estate fee ‘reeks of prejudice’

Editor: As a first generation Canadian, I examined my family history in regards to the penalty charged non-residents real estate purchases.

My grandfather was not a citizen of Canada.

My father found out when applying for a passport at the age of 55 that he, too, was not a citizen.

Under the current B.C. penalty he would have been punished for not living in his rental properties.

My Canada has always been a free market economy country, and this current money grab flies in the face on one of the basic pillars of the Canadian economy.

To punish someone because they wish to invest in Canada is an abomination and, for the most part, it reeks of prejudice.

European money has been flowing into Canada in all aspects of real estate investment for years. Why pick out the peoples from the East?

Terry Brenan,


Langley Times