Letter to the editor

LETTER – No one is forcing anyone to get the COVID vaccine

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

In the June 9th paper poor ill-informed T. Hardy claims the government is trying to force him to get vaccinated for COVID. (Whether or not one gets the COVID vaccine is nobody else’s business)

Claims he hasn’t been sick since 1997 and reads very little mainstream media.

Government was encouraging all to get the vaccine and their job was to procure and distribute enough doses for all. The provincial government’s responsibility was to get the jab into arms (guided by medical professionals). All voluntary.

The people asking you if you’ve been vaccinated are the vast majority of us who want the population to get to 70-80 per cent immunity (or herd immunity ).

The train cannot leave the station until most of us are seated, so T. Hardy, grab a seat, grab a newspaper and help us get this train moving.

And if you do get the COVID vaccine, you may want to consider shingles, tetanus, pneumonia and other ones applicable to your age group. And if you don’t I’m sure the rest of us will pick up your hospital tab.

T Samuel,


Comox Valley Record