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LETTER – No need to impose curbside garbage collection on those who can do it themselves

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I encourage everyone to engage the right to pronounce ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ with regards to allowing or defeating the proposed curbside garbage pickup Bylaw 649.

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The only way to oppose the subsidization of garbage pickup – despite there being two commercial operators in town that offer this service to those who want itis to sign and return the Elector Response Form – Bylaw 649 to the Comox Valley Regional District office by end-of-day July 5. The process this year is easy: if you have a printer, you can download the form, sign it and return it via snail mail, fax or email. If you have no printer, the forms are available at the CVRD office. Find the form via this page: https://www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/node/8051

I do not approve of the alternative approval process (AAP) for financial issues. The burden on taxpayers, especially after such a tough year, is already a lot to carry. Since the choice to hire curbside garbage collection is already available (similar to those who hire lawn care), I see no reason to impose this additional cost on those who can manage this service on their own. I pay less than $100/year by recycling, carting my garbage directly to the dump, and making thoughtful consumer choices with regards to packaging and waste. The claim by the CVRD of paying a maximum of $250/year does not sound like a bargain to me. It sounds like another burden. So let’s all make our vote count. That starts by defeating the AAP, to make those who want this service subsidized, to actually get off their duff and vote for it through a fair-to-everyone democratic process that is otherwise sidelined by the AAP.

Lynn Salmon,

Area B,

Comox Valley

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