Letter: No easy answer to current situation in the United States

Letter: No easy answer to current situation in the United States

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

In relation to the heartbreaking situation in the U.S., where children are separated from their parents.

It is most unfortunate, but Canada does the same when parents are arrested for breaking the law and incarcerated and the children removed from them. Five families were recently threatened with separation in Japan due to Canada not issuing visas for the children. That has now been resolved.

There is no easy answer to this horrendous problem.

I am an immigrant that entered the hard way “legally.” It was not easy, but I entered Canada to be a Canadian and abide by the rules, regulations and law of the land.

Illegal crossings over international borders are getting out of hand, through the southern border of the U.S., the southern border of Canada, the Channel Tunnel in England where hundreds of illegal immigrants cross, threatening truck drivers who do not allow them to sneak aboard to be ferried across into England.

Most of the borders of Europe are under this pressure. Shortly everyone will be overwhelmed by this mass worldwide migration.

Something has to be done to control this phenomena. I do not have an answer to this problem, but I trust our leaders will come up with a solution to address these problems, and hopefully all countries that are experiencing this will share a resolution.

Paul Collins


Comox Valley Record