LETTER: New flood strategy will better protect whole region

Initiative brings together 37 federal, provincial and local governments

The July 18 story “Flooding plan needs action, says mayor” reflects an understandable sense of urgency to move forward on flood protection.

The Lower Mainland flood management strategy announced last week is an important step forward. The initiative brings together 37 federal, provincial and local governments, together with other public and private sector organizations to create a blueprint for action that will better protect all Lower Mainland communities from Fraser River and coastal flooding.

Until now, each municipality or diking district has worked in isolation, competing for limited flood funding from senior governments. Although the District of Mission and a number of other communities have identified local priorities, some communities have not. Regional priorities are critical when it comes to managing the risks and committing to major infrastructure. No community can stand alone in the face of a major flood.

The new flood management strategy will help make the case for a big investment and encourage co-ordinated measures that better protect the region as a whole.

Colin Hansen, chair

Fraser Basin Council

Mission City Record