LETTER: Nelson far from bike-friendly

From reader Nancy Rosenblum

Re: “Council takes e-bike tour of new development

I sure am glad council enjoyed their e-bikes as they toured new development sites in Nelson.

Did they happen to notice while they were riding all of the bikes locked up to parking meters and railings because there aren’t enough bike racks in the downtown core?

Did they feel that scary feeling when a car coming from behind is honking their horn or a car on the side nearly swipes you as they drive by because there are no bike lanes?

The other day as I was riding my electric bike and making a lefthand turn from Baker onto Stanley, a woman revving her engine behind me yelled out her window “Get off the street.” Say what?

The number of electric bike riders is increasing quickly, adding to the plethora of non-electric bike riders. This is fantastic, but it seems to me instead of touring new development sites on e-bikes, council needs to be developing a way to add more bike racks and bike lanes to Nelson. Safety first, touring second.

Nancy Rosenblum


Nelson Star

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