One Hope resident is calling on Mayor and council to designate indoor spaces for seniors to meet safely this winter, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (Besnopile/Pixabay photo)

LETTER: Need for meeting space for Hope seniors, as COVID and winter is upon us



The tragedy of the COVID virus has been well documented, however, there is an area which has perhaps not been addressed and surely there should be a solution for the mental well being of Hope residents.

Many seniors during ‘normal times’ have had a weekly routine, meeting with friends and socializing, keeping abreast of each others’ news and giving support and laughter when needed.

During the summer months this has still been happening. Warm weather enabling meetings for both men and women to meet in the park.

Now we have a problem. The weather is changing and the need for gathering at a safe distance is even more necessary as the feeling of ‘isolation’ becomes particularly prevalent.

I feel it is necessary for Mr. Mayor and Hope council to designate a place of safety. Municipal halls or perhaps a church hall? Where social distancing can be set up for, especially seniors, in order to avoid the possibility of depression and isolation.

This is indeed a time of great need and should be addressed.

Carol Chaulk

Note: In an update to the Standard, the author stated that a local church has opened their hall to accomodate a once a week meeting of their group of seniors. “It is a very stressful time for seniors especially as many of us have been cut off from family, and without contact with friends the situation can be quite dire,” she stated.

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