LETTER: NDP are masters of the ‘log and talk’ game

From reader Tom Prior

Re: Nelson scientists release maps of old growth forests, urge province to stop cutting, May 27

The criticism and release of BC’s old growth forest maps by Dr Rachel Holt of Veridian Ecological Consultants is old news.

Comprehensive mapping of BC’s southern interior inland temperate rain forest ancient and old growth forest was done by Valhalla Wilderness Society 20 years ago, spearheaded by Colleen McCrory.

It has been no secret as to the whereabouts of these ancient ecosystems, contrary to the claims by Dr. Rachel Holt when she says, “This government has a history of starting out to do the right thing, but gets cold feet and looks only through timber supply lenses when they make decisions.”

BC’s NDP and Liberals have calculated their efforts to clear-cut all of B.C.’s primitive ecosystems and fast forward the extinction of all of B.C.’s wide ranging species.

Their feet are cold because B.C.’s timber barons and the banks and credit unions have mortgaged thousands of logging trucks and countless billions in logging equipment.

The BC NDP are masters at the “log and talk” game.

There is no “lack of clarity on the data and maps” as claimed by Rachel Holt. In fact it is very clear that the NDP government has increased old growth logging rates.

They know the jig is up and want to cream off the last of the old growth before public awareness and civil protest becomes too strong.

Tom Prior


Nelson Star