LETTER – Museums, libraries and historical works deserve protection and restoration when needed

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Thank you for your editorial of April 25 “Trying to rebuild history.”

If everyone thought like that there would be no need for museums, libraries, archives, storage facilities full of archaeological and historical artifacts or protecting any sensitive historical and unique ecosystems, etc. What about individuals restoring old cars and salvaging old buildings, governments designating historical buildings and sites for future posterity? Whats the purpose of it all?

Think all that extra cash; where would it go? Who decides? How much for what need?

Or is your editorial simply concerned about the restoration of a millennia old structure that started out life as a Catholic cathedral which now is more of a museum and tourist destination than a church?

Do I see a bias here?

Why are governments still spending millions nay billions of dollars annually around the world to build new structures for similar purposes, the protection and storage of artifacts for future generations? By your commentary we may as well throw up our hands and forget the whole shebang.

That can only lead to a very shallow and base society with a mentality of “eat, drink and be merry, as tomorrow we die.”

I for one think these magnificent edifices deserve our protection, maintenance and restoration when needed. It is good for the soul.

Joseph Claude Bédard,


Comox Valley Record