LETTER: Mr. Hiebert, I’m going to ask the question again

To the editor; Re: “Robocalls? MP responds,” May 17

To the editor:

Re: “Robocalls? MP responds,” May 17

Mr. Hiebert:

You completely neglected to address my sole question as submitted, so I will restate.

Fact: Elections Canada confirmed that 200 ridings were targeted by illegal robocalls that falsely directed voters to the wrong polling station in the last federal election.

Fact: Elections Canada confirmed that it traced the account that paid for the robocalls to a computer from the Conservative campaign in Guelph, Ont.

Agreed, the “whodunit” could prove isolated to a few Conservative individuals, but that is secondary (although important). I’d also like to state for the record that in no way do I believe that this riding was targeted.

However, here is my point: it is entirely possible that voter wishes aren’t accurately represented by the current government.

The only way to guarantee the integrity of the last election is to hold by-elections in all 200 targeted ridings (yes, including those won by the Liberals and the NDP).

In the immortal words of Conservative MP Vic Toews, you can either stand with us – the voters, Mr. Hiebert, or you can stand with the cheaters.

So again I ask: will you publicly request Mr. Harper call by-elections to guarantee our collective rights as voters are defended?

Or are you content to sit in a dubious majority?


R. Benoit

Cloverdale Reporter