LETTER: MP Atamanenko’s bills supported

At a recent peace coalition conference, bills by B.C. Southern Interior MP Alex Atamanenko were endorsed.


At its recent biennial conference in Castlegar, the B.C. Southern Interior Peace Coalition reviewed a range of threats to the peace and security of our world with a general focus on enhancing the positive and creative energy of humanity.

Delegates unanimously endorsed: 1) Bill C-363 (for conscientious objectors to redirect/divert that portion of their taxes going to the Department of National Defence to peaceful purposes); 2) Bill C-373 (calling for the establishment of a federal Department of Peace), 3) the Occupy Nelson Movement and 4) the stand of university students in Quebec against proposed tuition increases.

Bill C-363 and Bill C-373 are both private members bills put forward by Alex Atamanenko, MP for the Southern Interior of B.C., and have received first reading in the House of Commons.

The B.C. Coalition represents a diverse membership of organizations throughout the Southern Interior region and is a member of the Canadian Peace Alliance.

For further information please contact co-ordinator Laura Savinkoff at 4peace@telus.net

Sandra Hartline, For the B.C. Southern Interior Peace Coalition

Grand Forks Gazette