LETTER: More than just lip service needed for housing

LETTER: More than just lip service needed for housing

From reader June Hamlet

I hope this round of elections is not just more lip service. I have appreciated some contributions made to this town by both mayors but the affording housing crisis has not been addressed.

Fortunately Pastor Jim Reimer has stepped up and created a plan for a 29-unit rent controlled apartment that city council approved. His kind of will is needed and alternative solutions need to be embraced. Back in the 1970s average houses were $40,000 for nice three-bedroom homes with yards. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $260,000. Now, good luck finding three bedroom houses for under $400,000.

Families are working too hard, burning out from overwork, and children being left alone too long. Divorce and mental illness can be possible results. Instead of judging the struggles of our youth, let’s embrace change and innovative solutions. Tiny house villages, why not? Alternative building methods, yes! Making developers set aside rent controlled units, for sure! Let Nelson be an example on the road to a better future. Let that be your legacy.

June Hamlet


Nelson Star