Letter: More sani-dumps needed at camps

Letter: More sani-dumps needed at camps

To the editor:

To the editor:

Have you ever tried to book a campsite in the last couple of years?

Well, you need to have very good luck for it’s similar to winning a lottery if you have not booked it way in advance. Especially for the weekends.

Over the years, camping has become very popular whether you are in a class A motorhome, pull a trailer or 5th wheel or even in a truck and camper.

While our fair cities of Kelowna and West Kelowna spend vast amounts of money trying to entice the tourists into our ‘Garden of Eden,’ no attempt is made to provide a necessary service to these people who like to camp on their holidays, or for the locals who just want to go out and camp in the area.

Once their holding tanks are full, the difficulty becomes finding a place where they can dump their septic wastes.

In the past there were a fair number of sani-dumps around, but I have noticed over the years these sani-dumps are disappearing from government campsites and garages who mainly used to offer this service.

When I went on the web, I noticed that most of the ones listed are for registered guests only. I did see that the odd one that allows free dumping.

I don’t think anyone would mind paying a reasonable fee to dump in order to maintain the sites cleanliness as we know this is not a high priority with some people.

Maybe it’s time that our two cities put in a couple of public sani-dump sites in prominent locations to accommodate these people who need these facilities and have them well marked so those requiring this service don’t have to go through a multitude of maneuvers to locate and access one of these facilities.

John Grant

West Kelowna

Kelowna Capital News