LETTER: More changes to curbside pickup

Switch being made this summer for Mission to go from blue bags to blue bins

So once again our district is planning changes to our curbside pickup.

Currently within the blue bag program, we are afforded unlimited amounts of recycling.

I rarely have more than one bag but occasionally I find myself in the position of putting out three or four. I see neighbours who put out four or five on a regular basis.

So if we go to a blue-bin process, how will the district accommodate our current unlimited volume?

Or is this also a means to reduce our curbside recycling and, if so, will there be a reciprocal drop in our taxes? After all, it seems that more and more we are being required to do more and more of our own recycling and garbage dropoff as the district seems to want to get out of this business, yet I don’t see the reciprocal drop in fees.

Victor Larsen, Mission

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