LETTER: Memorable LVR grad

LETTER: Memorable LVR grad

From reader Sarah Stack

I am taking this opportunity to express my appreciation and congratulations to all those involved in the planning and execution of the celebrations for L.V. Rogers’ Grad 2019. Well done!

My husband and I were invited to attend our grandson’s graduation and we were extremely impressed with the entire event. Our experience with grad celebrations has been very traditional. We had never seen a grand march or cavalcade. Both events far exceeded our expectations. The grand march gave everyone attending, including the grads themselves, to see each and every grad in their finery. From beautiful gowns to neon coloured suits the grads outdid themselves this year. What a tremendous presentation.

We were absolutely blown away by the cavalcade! It was wonderful to see the grads relaxing and being shown off to the community in such fun and style. We so appreciate the fact that the community of Nelson was so involved in this event.

Congratulations to the organizers of this memorable event. Also a big congratulations to each and every grad! We will never forget the Nelson Grad of 2019 and neither will the grads!

Sarah Stack


Nelson Star