LETTER: Mayor should write public apology letter to Gail Hall

I would like to see a written apology by Mayor Maja Tait and staff to the newspaper

The mayor made an apology to Gail Hall at last week’s council meeting. What she didn’t apologize for was the move by municipal staff, the mayor and some council members to allow staff to walk out when Hall, an outstanding citizen and council watchdog, began to speak at the Dec. 12 council meeting. I have served with Hall on numerous committees serving Sooke and she always made sure the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed. She does her homework and asks some tough and sometimes simple questions. Some staff had no qualms about taking the time to have a letter sent from a lawyer to her, so why no public letter apologizing for the outlandish behavior of staff and council, with the staff walk out? The corporate officer said at the Dec. 12 meeting, all council must vote to support the budget amendment as they had voted in favour of the expenditures. This was incorrect. The seasonal adornment expenditure approved by the mayor and the monies spent on the parking lots by the chief administrative officer were not approved by council. Hall was correct in saying council was misled by staff. Intentional or not was never questioned – misled is a valid statement. I would like to see a written apology by Mayor Maja Tait and staff to the newspaper concerning what I see as the defamation of Gail Hall’s character and her treatment as a citizen. This action keeps others from speaking up and destroys free speech for the press and citizens. Ellen Lewers Sooke

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