Letter: Mayor has signaled lack of interest in a relationship with Walnut Grove

Editor: Two days. Two days is the timeline given to someone as an indicator of failure when trying to find a potential mate and said potential mate does not respond to you with any form of communication.

If you take this unwritten rule and apply it to the relationship between Walnut Grove residents and the mayor, an outside observer would declare the relationship done and over with.

Walnut Grove residents have attempted to communicate to the mayor multiple times, through multiple efforts and, like a jaded mate, the mayor has refused to respond.

The issue at hand? The controversial 216 Street interchange project.

Along with the mayor, he has friends that have decided to use false information in an attempt to convince themselves that everything will be all right, to move on.

However, these actions only stir unwanted emotions and serve to bring good people down.

Unprecedentedly, (the interchange) is being built right in the middle of a fully developed residential area.

I challenge anyone reading this to find another example of a major highway interchange in the middle of an established residential area.

Finally, to name another of the major concerns, it is being built directly in the path of elementary schools.

These words will probably fall on deaf ears.

Perhaps the people are right, this relationship between Walnut Grove and the mayor is over.

I think — I know — it’s time to move on and find a new mayor.



Langley Times