Thrifty Foods in Maple Ridge will be closing at the end of May. (The News files)

LETTER: Maple Ridge foodie weeping in risotto over loss of grocery store

Not every food shopper is chasing the lowest price, letter writer said

Dear Editor,

To the City of Maple Ridge,

On hearing that Thrifty’s will soon close, I have to ask the question: Is there not really enough support for a slightly higher-quality grocery store that carries some organic meats as other quality meats, has a wonderful deli, great fish and fresh meat counter, a big organic produce selection, great produce overall, a mouth-watering bakery, flowers, and specialty items?

Are there really not enough people filling up the dizzying number of condos in the downtown core of Maple Ridge and the “second city” near 240th that want something more than “Unbeatable prices”, “Deals, Deals, Deals…” “Rollbacks,” “Always low prices”? Do all of my neighbours really want to “Shop like a mother?”

I thrill at beautifully displayed food. I want fresh shiitake mushrooms that I can select individually. I want a tantalizing arrays of cheeses and seafood. Food shopping for me and, I believe, many other foodies is the opening act to my cooking.

If we must lose our beautiful Thrifty’s and all of its lovely employees, can we rehire them at a fabulous Whole Foods so we can “Shop like mothers” over there?

Weeping into my risotto.

Casey Shewchuk, Maple Ridge


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