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LETTER: Long-term district revamp is not progress

Rasmus K. Sjovold shares his thoughts on a recent long-term development proposal


I believe the new proposed development for downtown Hope is a step backwards. The footprint of future civic building and parking should not be increased into the park. That area is the centre of our community.

In our travels around different parts of the world, we have noticed many small towns similar to Hope. Many have made a green space close to the centre of their town. In these parks, they had often provided large signs with pertinent historical information, including photographs about their town and its surrounding area.

I still find it hard to believe that district council did not consider purchasing the Emil Anderson properties on Sixth Avenue when the properties were offered to the district. I am sure the Emil Anderson representative gave the town a very reasonable offer.

I believe the district’s refusal to purchase these properties was a great mistake. The purchase of these properties would have given the district several options:

1. New location for the fire department.

2. New location for Search and Rescue.

3. Relocating Hope Maintenance Yard to the back yard.

4. Move the District Hall into existing offices.

5. Move the RCMP into existing offices.

6. The sale of properties vacated by these moves.

A new tourist information centre could be built at the existing location or it could be moved to the District Hall if the District Hall offices were moved to Sixth Avenue. Hopefully, these options were considered seriously by council.

Rasmus K. Sjovold

Hope Standard