LETTER: Lock cats and small dogs away from wily coyotes

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Dear Editor,

[Re: Coyotes preying on Maple Ridge pets, July 30, The News]

This is a must read and excellent article on the part of reporter Neil Corbett.

Mr. Corbett points out “There are an estimated 2,000 to 3000 urbane coyotes in the Lower Mainland, according to the BCSPCA.”

Unlike, a former Nazi dictator who promised “a chicken in every pot” there isn’t a coyote in every yard, ready to pounce on every cat, and every small dog, in every yard.

As Mr. Corbett has so clearly pointed out, “There are two reported incidents of coyotes attacking pets in urbane areas of Maple Ridge so far this month. On Wednesday, July 22, a coyote attacked a dog on York Street, near Maple Ridge Secondary school.”

The other incident is “conservation officer Sgt. Todd Hunter said on July 14 a homeowner called to report that their cat was sitting at the side of the road when a coyote ‘snatched’ it up. That was in the 11800-block of 229th Street.”

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We are on the bottom floor of a multi-unit apartment complex in Maple Ridge, not very far from these two coyote incidents.

We have a daily visit from a black squirrel, and a large cat, on our outside patio.

I am sure the squirrel is quite capable of taking care of itself.

The feline, is a very timid cat, that does not hang around very long, before moving onto the next apartment.

I do not know if it is a stray cat, or if it is released outside by its owner, on a daily basis.

Coyotes are sneaky, intelligent predators, that can turn up any time, and anywhere.

Make sure your cat or small dog is not the next victim of a wily opportunistic coyote.

Fred Perry, Maple Ridge



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