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LETTER: Local Trump supporter takes issue with editor’s column

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

I can see by your latest “Commen-Terry” (Trump one year later; what are you doing?) that the democrats are in charge of the news media here as well.

Once again it looks like the media is basing their research on sound bites they are getting off Facebook rants.

Try basing your opinions on facts instead of what you hear on CBC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc. which, if you did some research, you can see that over 90 per cent of their reporting of Trump is negative and in most cases, untrue.

Canadians wish we could be as lucky as the “legal citizens” of the USA to have a leader that has its people’s interests first and not someone who is more interested in selfies, paying terrorists millions of dollars and let’s not forget allowing ISIS fighters to come back to Canada because we are just so special here.

South of border we have a guy trying to protect his citizens and make the illegals come through legally and in Canada its “Kumbaya,” welcome, here is a load of cash. Careful you don’t trip over the homeless and unemployed going to the counter to pick up your money.

As far as your vacation goes, if you are so bent on not going to the USA and you want to be the big humanitarian, spend your money and go to one of those places Trump called a (expletive). You will feel better and you can tell everyone you did your part.

I am not naive enough to believe politicians don’t lie because if you have ever watched a political debate anywhere, they all lie at some point.

To your comment on “it’s all about the Benjamins down there”… what world do you live in where it is not about the money? That’s how economies work, the more your country makes the better off the citizens are.

If you think cash is bad just send me yours in a cheque, I will gladly cash it.

OK snowflake, if you can take it, print this.

Ken Wilson


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